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Rav Levi Arnauve
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Shabbat meal in Paris

Friday evening, in the heart of Paris, jews from all walks of life and all corners of the world gather together around the decadent Shabbat tables to celebrate together in a warm and special atmosphere.

Beth Loubavitch Bastille organizes Shabbat dinners for tourists, students and locals.

Pre-reservation required.
Registration closes on Tuesday evening, please reserve before then!

Thank you for your understanding.


Marriage preparation Lessons

Complete and comprehensive course covering the laws of family purity (course is made up of four lessons)

For the fiancé–Hattan : 0665011820

For the fiancée–Kalla : 0650025955

Shabbat and holidays for tourists

Beth Loubavitch Bastille also offers delicious, catered Shabbat meals for tourists.

Kosher Cafeteria

Monday – Thursday 11h30 – 14h

Selection of varied sandwiches, sushi and hot dishes delivered daily.

Tefillin and Mezuzot

At Beth Loubavitch Bastille we both sell and check Tefillin and Mezuzot.

We can even lend you a pair of tefillin for you to use while the Tefillin are in the process of being checked.

Torah Classes (offered in French)

Classes for men :
Mondays  at 19h30, Text based class exploring the weekly torah portion
Wednesday at 20h30 – Jewish Philosophy
Thursday at 20h30 – Gemara (Talmud) Class
Friday at 12h30 – Beginners class exploring the weekly torah portion
Classes for women:
Tuesday at 20h00 – Jewish philosophy
We also host frequent lectures, conferences and workshops on many different topics.

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Our center continues to offer these services to the community thanks to kind donations from locals and visitors like you
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Beth Loubavitch Bastille

Rabbi Levi Arnauve
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